Ol' Reliable

Even spongebob kept it in a case.

Even spongebob kept it in a case.


It was Inevitable. We all knew that this day would come… The Volvo 240 is one of those cars that is and isn’t what everyone thinks it is. A well built tank that will run forever? Yes. An odd import that requires specialist knowledge, parts and regular maintenance? also yes! Reliability and maintenance go hand in hand. Many people think reliability = never ever maintaining the car until it REALLY brakes. Please stop doing this. (im looking at you subaru owners)

The 240 also earned a reputation as the “hipster car” but this is the 2005 wicker park, blazer and t-shirt post slacker hipster. PBR not IPA, ya dig? Most of those were hand-me-downs from suburban moms terrified that their kids were moving to the dangerous city. Because of this you do see idiots trying to hock these things for 5 grand and 300k mi (usually photographed in wburg or greenpoint with a long winded add about roadtrips)

This example in the Rockaways looks pretty nice though! A relatively low mile example with a slick (AND CLEAN) blue interior + a really straight looking body (no big rust spots or city dents). I think the price is right and the owner seems to have maintained it nicely. Buy it and drive it another 100k miles (then sell it to whatever they call hipsters in 5 years).

Keep tanking solider! (just please change the oil).